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What are Bio-fillers Used For?

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Bio-Fillers are today’s modern approaches to skin rejuvenation. It is exciting as an aesthetic process, making it introduced in dermatology and becoming quite a trend. The dermal filler gel used in bio-fillers is autologous and easy to obtain. It works well for fine rhytides reduction and helps volumize, contour, and rejuvenate the face, neck, and hands. Patients better accept plasma bio-fillers and their consistency and autologous nature than high-density hyaluronic acid fillers.

Today, let us know more about these fillers, how they work, and what benefits we can get from using them. Read until the end and discover if bio-fillers can also work for your skin issues and concerns.

What are Bio-fillers?

Organic autologous plasma bio-filler, or simply bio-filler, consists of injections that utilize a gel derived from the patient’s blood. This procedure reduces any risk of allergic reactions. They can be prepared and injected for wrinkle augmentation during the same appointment, with the entire process lasting around 90 mins. Practitioners can use this bio-filler gel to augment fine lines and wrinkles and give definitions to different face areas. 

Bio-fillers are made by separating and processing the plasma from the patient’s blood and injecting it into the skin, aiding its volumization, lifting, and rejuvenation, especially on the face, neck, and hands. Bio-fillers have the same color and form as autologous fat. They are processed in front of the client to create the perfect viscosity required for any area being worked on.

The best uses and targeted areas for bio-fillers are the following:

  • Cheek enhancement
  • Improvement of acne scars and stretch marks
  • Nasolabial folds or laugh lines
  • Nose and lip reshaping
  • Temple area or the sides of the forehead

Some of the following are the benefits of using bio-fillers:

  • A minimally invasive procedure.
  • More affordable compared to other dermal fillers
  • Virtually painless and requires no sedation
  • Proven safe and has no known risks or side effects
  • Results are long-lasting, between 18 to 24 months

How the Treatment Works

During the appointment, practitioners will take between 10 and 20 ml. of blood from the patient. Then, this collected blood is placed inside a centrifuge, filtered, processed, and spun to create the platelet-rich plasma or PRP; afterward, the bio-filler itself. Practitioners will then inject this concoction to treat wrinkles and lines and lift and rejuvenate areas that have suffered volume loss. 

This treatment also achieves bio-stimulation using stem cells and growth factors producing collagen. The first results are visible immediately after the treatment, and the effects of the neocollagenesis production can be seen after a couple of weeks. After a couple of months, the plasma gel is naturally and wholly absorbed in the treated area.

Skin experts suggest a course of three (3) sessions with a four (4)-week interval. The results last about two (2) years after the 3rd session if combined with PRP serum injections. Bio-fillers have been validated by clinical trials to demonstrate the proven safety and efficacy of the procedure towards the improvement of unwanted fine lines and fold in the face.

Why Use Bio-fillers?

Bio-fillers are mixtures of fibrin networks and trapped platelets that help release growth factors over 3-6 months, and bio-stimulation using stem cells and growth factors produces collagen.

Experts highly recommend this treatment because of the following:

  • It is the most natural way of reversing the signs of skin aging.
  • It offers natural results without obviously looking like you have aesthetic treatments.
  • It does not cause allergic reactions or long-term adverse effects on our skin.
  • It is better tolerated compared to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.
  • It can be administered at any age since it is considered the most natural treatment to prevent aging.

Furthermore, treatment results can be visible after your first session. But remember that because of the nature of the plasma in bio-fillers, it gets partially absorbed by the body. The volumizing effect should last 3-6 months post-single treatment, with repeated treatments potentially reversing aging, skin laxity, and volume, which will last several years.

The Evidence

Research evidence comparing PRP with bio-fillers explained that stem cells and growth factor effects on the skin are the following:

  • PRP – or plasma therapy, using platelet-rich plasma
  • PPP – is a portion of the plasma that has fewer platelets, therefore called platelets poor plasma

Direct volumetric filling effects of this gel are due to the denaturalized gelled proteins together with fibrin bundles. These two components help provide constant stability and volume. Additionally, platelets work alongside the degranulation of α‐granules that contain pre-synthesized growth factors.

The gel serves to localize activated platelets and their pre-synthesized growth factors in the treated area. Platelets in the gel maintain their synthesis and release bioactive growth factors after the bio-filler injection. These experimental growth factors interact with undifferentiated adipose-derived stem cells and dermal fibroblasts. They are bound to their specific cellular receptors promoting neovascularization and neocollagenesis. The result is a soft-tissue augmentation and a significant reduction of wrinkles.

Furthermore, it is suggested that the continuous release of growth factors from those trapped platelets at the injection sites may be responsible for the sustained therapeutic effects of plasma gel for several months after the treatment session. These growth factors also enhance extracellular matrix components such as hyaluronic acid synthesis. The contraction of myofibroblasts around wrinkles causes skin tightening and strengthening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bio-Fillers

“How long do bio-fillers take before they work?”

You will notice a visible improvement immediately after the treatment, and the effects of collagen production can be seen at around two weeks. After two months, the gel is wholly and naturally absorbed into the treated area.

What is the downtime?”

For bio-fillers, the good news is that there is no downtime. You can return to your normal activities even after the treatment.

“Does it hurt?”

There is minor discomfort from a few little injections, but the treatment is completely non-invasive and pain-free. There is also virtually no risk of side effects because the procedure is autologous.

“How many bio-filler treatments do I need?”

Initially, we suggest you have a course of three sessions at a four-week interval. The results last about two years after the third session if combined with PRP serum injections.

Final Takeaways

Bio-fillers are effective skin-rejuvenating treatments one should try for that glowing and younger-looking skin. Make sure to ask your doctor or healthcare provider’s expert advice about this treatment so you can enjoy the perks and benefits one can achieve from bio-fillers.

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