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Laser Hair Removal: Is It Safe for All Skin Types and Tones?


For many people looking for long-term hair reduction, laser hair removal has become the preferred option. But for those thinking about it, one issue frequently nags at them: Is it safe for all skin tones and types? This is a legitimate concern, particularly concerning the various skin types. We use the DEKA Motus hair removal system, a cutting-edge innovation in laser hair removal, to solve this. Its efficiency in treating various skin tones is well-known, something other hair removal technologies cannot claim. Nevertheless, we will still look into the idea so that you can better know whether this is an ideal option for you or not. 

Why Traditional Laser Systems Are Limited

The Nd: YAG, Diode, and older generations of Alexandrite lasers are the most often utilized laser types in traditional hair removal systems. The wavelength at which these lasers operate controls how much of the laser light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The laser’s ability to effectively destroy hair follicles and inhibit hair growth is attributed to this absorption.

But, treating darker skin tones presents a problem. Darker skin types have higher melanin concentrations, and conventional laser systems run the danger of targeting skin melanin as opposed to merely hair follicle melanin. Unwanted side effects may result from burns, hypopigmentation (lighter patches on the skin), or hyperpigmentation (darker spots on the skin). Because of this, people with darker skin tones were frequently told not to use laser hair removal or have to use more careful and ineffective procedures.

Another drawback is The discomfort of receiving treatment with standard laser systems. It can be extremely unpleasant, especially in sensitive skin regions, and is frequently characterized as feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. The high energy levels required to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness—especially on coarser hair—cause this discomfort.

Likewise, to get the desired effects, traditional lasers frequently need longer treatment times and more sessions, particularly for people with lighter hair on lighter skin or darker hair on darker skin. There’s more potential for hair regrowth, yet the efficacy can vary.

Ultimately, to avoid adverse effects and modify settings for various skin types and hair colors, a practitioner using a classic laser system needs to possess a high degree of competence and experience. Variations in the quality of treatment can result in erratic outcomes and elevated risks.

DEKA Motus Hair Removal System

DEKA, a well-known European laser equipment manufacturer, created the cutting-edge DEKA Motus AX. The alexandrite laser, regarded as the most potent and successful laser for hair removal, distinguishes the DEKA Motus from other devices. This kind of laser is particularly adept at targeting dark pigment, making it a practical choice for destroying hair follicles while addressing pigmented skin lesions.

Moveo technology, exclusive to the DEKA Motus system, is one of its main features. Moveo technology solves the traditional drawbacks of the Alexandrite 755nm laser, including pain and the suitability for a narrow range of skin tones. This innovation involves a technique of simple, even movements over the skin, which gradually heats specific parts of the hair. This procedure consists of enough heat to kill the hair follicle without harming the skin around it.

With Moveo technology, the Motus AX truly is a revolution in laser hair removal. It combines the strength of the Alexandrite laser with the guarantee of patient comfort and safety. Its design maximizes the efficiency of hair removal by ensuring that energy is absorbed effectively. The fact that this technique can safely treat dark skin tones is particularly noteworthy. Traditionally, full-power Alexandrite lasers were not ideal for darker skin, but the DEKA Motus AX changes this, offering effective hair removal options for a broader range of skin types.

Areas It Can Treat

Our laser hair removal is a successful way to eliminate unwanted hair in various body locations for all skin types. Precision is crucial in treating parts of the face like the chin and upper lip. It is also frequently used to remove hair from the underarms, providing a long-term alternative to frequent shaving and the irritation that goes along with it. For those who find it challenging to manage their back hair or would instead seem hairless, the back is another often treated area. Legs are treated to provide smoother skin, reducing shaving and waxing frequency. The bikini area is also popular, with customizable treatment patterns based on personal preference. 

Complete body hair removal is now safer and more accessible for all skin types because of developments in laser technology, such as the DEKA Motus system. This makes this procedure a flexible and inclusive choice for thorough hair reduction.

When To Expect Results

Within a week of the initial treatment, the visible hair in the treated area typically starts to fall out or dissolve. This quick result is a positive sign of the procedure’s efficacy. However, more sessions are required for more thorough and long-lasting outcomes. You should generally see noticeable benefits from the first procedure about twenty weeks after starting six monthly sessions. 

However, the timetable can change based on factors such as the treated area, growth cycle, and hair density. Attending planned sessions consistently is necessary for getting the best effects because each treatment targets a distinct stage of hair growth, resulting in a more complete and long-lasting reduction in hair growth.

How Long Results Lasts

The results of laser hair removal might last a very long time. Many patients report no new hair growth for up to ten years after their treatment session, and most experience a prolonged stoppage of new hair growth. The procedure’s cutting-edge laser technology, which kills the hair follicles, is responsible for its long-term efficacy. Not only is this damage superficial, but it also stops new hair from developing in the skin, so the effects are virtually irreversible. Individual experiences differ; some people might have minimal hair growth, and others might not see any at all. 


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