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Does Body Contouring Really Remove Unwanted Body Fat and Cellulite?

Does Body Contouring Really Remove Unwanted Body Fat and Cellulite

When diet and exercise aren’t working, many undergo body contouring to look and feel slimmer or achieve a specific shape. Celebrities like the Kardashians helped bring body contouring out in the open, which has gained popularity over the years.

Body contouring kills fat cells (a process called apoptosis), causing your body to burn fat and appear leaner. But does body contouring actually eliminate fat? This article will discuss body contouring’s ability to effectively eliminate cellulite and unwanted body fats.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is often known as body sculpting. It refers to a procedure that enhances the appearance of tissue and skin following significant weight loss.

Body sculpting is a non-invasive medical procedure. This technique can remove excess fat cells from beneath the skin and cellulite without requiring surgery. You should combine body contouring with a healthy lifestyle based on regular exercise and a healthy, diet for the best results.

Body contouring is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It merely augments exercise and dieting. It is only most effective for people already in great shape.

Body contouring removes unwanted fat concentrations in certain regions and can help shape specific body parts. You can get the desired weight outcomes with little to no complication. The treatment can also eliminate flabby skin.

Is Body Contouring Effective?

Yes, body contouring or body sculpting eliminates fat cells and lessens the appearance of fat on specific body parts. Different body contouring techniques use heat, cooling, or ultrasound to kill fat cells, which are eliminated over the following few months. Only then will you notice the treatment’s full effects.

Typically, body contouring doesn’t aid in significant weight loss. Instead, it aids in shaping the body by addressing regions where weight loss is ineffective or where excess skin has developed after considerable weight loss. It gets rid of stubborn fat that no amount of exercise and dieting can lose.

Types of Body Contouring

There are several forms of body contouring. At Bare N Beautiful, we offer three types of body contouring.

BTL Vanquish

The BTL Vanquish System was created to hover over the treatment region and safely reduce fat cells. Patients with low BMI levels who want a safe and non-invasive fat reduction treatment should consider this therapy. 

Because the BTL Vanquish breaks down the fat cells, the results are long-lasting. Within four to six weeks, the treated area will start to improve. After their first treatment, the majority of patients experience noticeable improvements.

BTL Vanquish System is a non-surgical FDA-approved fat reduction treatment. Radiofrequency energy is used during this painless process to permanently destroy the fat cells in the targeted areas.

It is a straightforward, contactless procedure that only heats the fat and never touches the skin, so there are few risks and side effects. The most frequent side effects are a warm feeling and temporary redness in the treated area. Since no recovery period is needed, you can have the treatment during your break and continue your day as scheduled.

The procedure is for both men and women who want to lose 1-4 inches to complement a healthy and active lifestyle and have trouble regions in their belly, flanks, waist, or thighs.


EMSculpt produces effective muscle contractions using HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) technology.

By reconfiguring their internal structure in response to severe contractions, the muscular tissues are forced to adapt to extreme conditions, which leaves the body more toned. For people looking to tone their bodies without a strict training regimen or invasive surgery, EMSculpt offers a safe and valuable choice.

Intense muscle contractions burn fat and develop muscle. The glutes and the stomach are the two most frequently treated areas, but when carried out by a skilled professional, EMSculpt can also be used to shape the upper arms, back, or thighs.

Popularity has been rising for EMSculpt. While most non-invasive body contouring procedures aim to reduce body fat, EMSculpt also increases muscle mass. EMSculpt can target unwanted fat cells and promote muscle growth for a more sculpted appearance.

The electromagnetic technology mimics exercise, causing the muscles and underlying tissues to grow stronger and heal, giving patients a smoother, more toned appearance. It is the best option for people who want to build muscle primarily rather than just lose fat. 

The muscle effects of EMSculpt usually continue for at least six months, although the fat loss can be permanent.


The most effective FDA-approved fractional technology is Morpheus8, a safe, minimally invasive modular RF (radio frequency) fractional solution for whole-body subdermal adipose (body fat) remodeling.

It targets subdermal layers of skin and tissue to restore collagen and enhance skin texture on the face and body. Morpheus8 increases collagen production by inducing a natural “wound repair” response.

With shorter treatment times and minimal downtime, this procedure is ideal for tightening flabby skin.

It’s a skin-tightening, anti-aging treatment that helps with some of the more noticeable aging indications, such as skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. You will see some significant improvements after this procedure, which will continue for roughly a year.

Morpheus8 can lessen sagging around your neck, chin, and jowls like a facelift. Additionally, it can aid in reducing extra body fat in the bra line, arms, and other places.

Patients may have tender, red skin right away after the procedure. Additionally, their skin might be considerably tighter than usual, weep, ooze, or feel warm to the touch. There may also be some swelling, peeling, and flaking, but these side effects are common and typically go away within about a week.

Body Contouring at Bare N Beautiful

If you want to tone certain regions of your figure but diets and even intensive exercises won’t work, body contouring is a good alternative. It is not risky, so you avoid the drawn-out recovery process commonly associated with quick weight loss procedures.

At Bare N Beautiful, we offer safe and secure body contouring or sculpting. We offer the three advanced fat-reduction technologies discussed above. You can visit us at 1530 N Fant Street St B Anderson, SC 29621, or quickly contact us by dialing 864-367-0810 or emailing [email protected].

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