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Chemical Peels: Costs, Types, Risks and Recovery

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Want to get rid of your wrinkles and fine lines? Are you prepared to take action to treat your skin’s discoloration and acne scars? Consider a chemical peel, a simple, non-invasive, minimally invasive solution to alleviate many common skin concerns.

A chemical peel is one of the most often-used treatments for fine wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. They are frequently employed for aesthetic purposes as well. The significant advantages of chemical peels are that they can be performed quickly in medical spas and clinics and may be used to treat various skin disorders.

However, several misunderstandings concerning chemical peels have surfaced that can cause some people to reject them entirely. Many think chemical peels might have harmful side effects, including burns, scarring, skin damage, and other issues.

Let us talk about every element of chemical peels to clear up any misconceptions.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are a simple chemical procedure that takes the top layer of skin off to expose younger-looking, healthier skin.

Chemical peels are applied to the skin to renew it. People with aging or sun-damaged skin can use these. They are used to treat inflammatory diseases like acne. Depending on your chosen chemical peel, it could also treat hyperpigmentation or rosacea.

The face, neck, chest, hands, and feet can all benefit from chemical peels.

How does a chemical peel work?

Dead skin cells and other debris are removed from the skin with chemical peels. This procedure can be carried out in a medispa like Bare N Beautiful. They use chemicals to dissolve the epidermis’ top layer while leaving the epidermis underneath intact. It enables your skin to regenerate naturally by producing new cells in their place.

The procedure involves administering a chemical agent—typically an acid—to the skin and waiting for the top layer of the skin to react. Depending on how deeply the chemical is administered, the procedure might take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Chemical peels are also used to remove acne scars and reduce wrinkles. They are frequently used as part of anti-aging or anti-acne regimens.

Acids, enzymes, or other chemicals applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote the formation of new cells may be present in the therapy solution. This procedure can be performed several times each week for weeks or months.

What are the types of chemical peels?

There are three different kinds of chemical peels, and each one differs in terms of treatment intensity, length of recovery, likelihood of success, and price. Each chemical peel treats the skin with a chemical solution like glycolic or salicylic acid. In addition to varying degrees of pain, healing time, skin peeling, and post-peel outcomes, different types of peels can also cause them.

The following three types of chemical peels are:

Light Chemical Peel

Light chemical peels remove the top layer of the skin without harming the deeper layers of the skin. This chemical peel is usually used for minor acne and fine wrinkles, 

Since they only affect the top layer of skin, light chemical peels have a reduced chance of producing inflammation, redness, and irritation than other peels. They are more well-liked by busy individuals who want to look beautiful but want to spend only a little bit of time on their looks because they don’t additionally create any substantial downtime.

A low-dose application of glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or maleic acid is frequently used in mild chemical peels. The adverse effects are often mild, but you may experience stinging, redness, and light flaking.

The procedure is safe around your mouth, nose, eyes, and other delicate places. You may attempt this chemical peel again in two to five weeks because it is so mild. Light chemical peels are also frequently associated with minimal recovery, making them “lunchtime peels.”

Medium Chemical Peel

The medium chemical peel induces controlled skin damage by removing the epidermis and top layer of the dermis. The healing process and the production of new cells come afterward. For many years, medium-depth peels have been in use.

Nevertheless, it has lately been gaining popularity due to its improved efficacy in treating rosacea, hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scarring, and other skin problems. For mild chemical peels, acids like trichloroacetic or glycolic acid may be employed.

Symptoms of a medium chemical peel recovery, lasting seven to fourteen days, include redness, swelling, blistering, scabbing, and peeling.

Deep Chemical Peel

A deep chemical peel makes the skin seem fresh and rejuvenated by eliminating the epidermis and several higher layers of the dermis. Since it is the most potent chemical peel available, its effects are unquestionably profound.

Since it is the most potent chemical peel available, its effects are unquestionably profound. The benefits include:

  • Elimination of old, dead skin cells that may lead to blocked pores and outbreaks.
  • Removal of facial imperfections such as scars, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.
  • Pore size and appearance reduction
  • An improvement in the texture and elasticity of the skin
  • lessening the hyperpigmentation (dark spots)
  • Improvement of complexion by brightening the skin
  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles brought on by aging or sun exposure
  • increased collagen synthesis for suppleness and better skin

Deep chemical peels sometimes need anesthesia, follow-up sessions, and two to three weeks of recovery. They frequently utilize trichloroacetic acid or phenol.

How much does a chemical peel cost?

Chemical peels typically cost approximately $500, although they can cost anything from $200 to $6,000. Numerous variables that may affect the cost of treatment, such as the following, might be attributed to the broad price range for chemical peel procedures:

  • Chemical peel type
  • Fees for consultation
  • Location
  • Recovery costs

The type of chemical peel you have has one of the most considerable effects on how much it costs. A breakdown of average prices for various chemical peels is as follows.

For each session, a light chemical peel can range from $100 to $300. The most affordable chemical peel is this one. The most remarkable outcomes may require multiple treatments.

The price of a medium chemical peel session ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. Once more, multiple treatments are suggested for the most excellent outcomes.

Costs for deep chemical peels range from $2,500 to $6,000. The price of the chemical peel will vary depending on the service you choose and where you live. These chemical peels are the priciest ones available.

What are the associated risks?

Chemical peels have been used for many years, and when performed by qualified specialists, they are safe. However, like with any other chemical peel procedure, there is always a slight risk.

Before considering chemical peel treatments, there are several factors to consider. Make sure, for instance, that you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to any of the chemicals or other components in topical medicines like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. To find out if these therapies are safe, speak with your doctor.

There are still risks of adverse consequences even if you don’t have any sensitivities to these chemical solutions. A chemical peel’s adverse effects might also include redness, inflammation, and irritation.

What is the recovery look like?

You must closely adhere to the directions given by your physician if you want the effects of chemical peels to be minimized or eliminated. You’ll receive guidance from us on how to wash, how frequently to clean, which moisturizer to use, and what skincare items are appropriate.

Additionally, it is advised that you stay out of the sun as little as possible while your skin heals. Similarly, you must refrain from wearing cosmetics in the meantime. Once you arrive home, you can use ice packs or a cold fan to lessen the discomfort.


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